Instalment plan for dental care

Sometimes you may not have the full amount available to pay for treatment. To keep your health a number one priority, our partner MediCrediti offers an instalment plan for dental care. This enables you to pay for your treatment in instalments according to your possibilities.

MediCredit is a financial enterprise which issues specific purpose loans intended for the performance of medical procedures only from 150 euros up to 6000 euros. You can find more detailed loan conditions here.

We ask you to carefully read the terms and conditions of the financial service before entering into an agreement and be sure to consult with a specialist in the field if you have any questions.

Orthodontic treatment with the Case Agreement in the Tartu dental clinic

For orthodontic treatment, we offer an internal interest-fee instalment plan system called the Case Agreement (agreement to provide health care services in orthodontics). This provides a solution in case a patient is unable to pay for the entire cost of braces upfront.

To enter into an agreement, a 20% contribution calculated on the total cost of the treatment is required. The rest of the amount will be divided into monthly instalments based on the planned duration of treatment. Any unforeseeable additional procedures that are required in the course of the treatment will not increase the price specified in the agreement with the patient. Thus, the Case Agreement can be seen as insurance against unexpected circumstances for the patient. In addition, check-ups are free of charge in the 12 months following the end of the treatment.

If the Case Agreement will be used to cover the treatment of a minor child, the agreement will be entered into between Meliva Unimed OÜ and the parent or guardian. The agreement is only available in the Meliva Tartu dental clinic. Please feel free to contact the reception of the Meliva Tartu clinic if you have any questions.

Additional information: the Case Agreement cannot be used to pay for dental care and/or surgery.