How to use the Digital Clinic?

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    Log in to the Digital Clinic via Meliva's website or download the Digikliinik mobile app from the App Store or the Google Play store.

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    Authenticate yourself using an ID card, Mobile-ID or Smart-ID.

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    Choose whether you want have a doctor's consultation, solve a child's health problem, renew a prescription or receive mental health counselling. In addition, you can book, change or cancel appointments in the Digital Clinic's e-booking system.

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    Start a chat with a doctor, describe your symptoms and answer the doctor's questions. If you wish, you can also share photos to support the descriptions. The content of the consultation will remain available both in the Digital Clinic and in the form of a medical history in the Health Portal (

When to consult a doctor via the Digital Clinic?

A remote consultation is the best solution for patients who do not necessarily require a physical examination. The Digital Clinic is suitable for a wide range of acute and chronic conditions:

  • Cold symptoms – fever, rhinitis, cough, questions about flu or COVID-19.
  • Child's health – acute illnesses, fever, skin conditions, eye infections, etc.
  • Mental health problems – Doctors in the Digital Clinic provide general advice and, if necessary, refer the patient to a mental health specialist.
  • Sexual health – sexually transmitted diseases, contraception, erectile dysfunction.
  • Eye problems – eye infections, allergic symptoms.
  • Digestive disorders – diarrhoea, vomiting.
  • Urinary tract infections in women – frequent or painful urination, burning sensation when urinating.
  • Allergy symptoms – runny nose, nasal congestion, itchy nose and eyes, red eyes, tearing and sneezing.
  • Skin conditions – rash, acne, skin inflammation, nail diseases.
  • Insect bites and stings – tick and insect bites, other skin reactions.
  • Other acute symptoms – Doctors in the Digital Clinic can issue a certificate of incapacity for work for a short period.
  • Prescription renewal – continuation of the treatment if it has proceeded without problems and the patient has attended the necessary scheduled check-ups (prescriptions for psychotropic medications are not renewed).

Payment methods and voluntary health insurance

In the Digital Clinic, you can use your voluntary health insurance and partially cover the costs of paid medical services (e.g. dental care, rehabilitation, vaccination, paid doctor's appointments) through insurance.

  • Private customers personally pay for the remote services used in the Digital Clinic. The price of a one-time consultation is €19.90.
  • For an employee of a contractual business client, the employer pays for the remote services used in the Digital Clinic.
  • Voluntary health insurance – the health insurance provider* pays for the services provided. The use of the services is not subject to a deductible.
Health insurance providers: ERGO, PZU, IF, SEESAM
  • Meliva has signed cooperation agreements with selected insurance providers.
  • You can start using the Digital Clinic right away.
  • We will check your policy as soon as possible and settle with the insurer ourselves.
  • You will not be billed for using the Digital Clinic.

Digital Clinic

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On weekends and public holidays 9:00-16:00

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